Promotes mental strength and health

Getting out on the water eases stress, promotes mental strength and health, fun way to stay fit, demands the ultimate level of discipline, focus and teamwork from each individual.
Karen G

Best decision we have made for our health

It has been the best decision we have made for our health and fitness, plus the opportunities to travel nationally and internationally.
Peter and Pam members for 6 years.

All working together with the same focus

What I enjoy about dragon boat racing is the contest, when there are twenty paddlers in a boat all working together with the same focus and aggression. It is brilliant.

Formed great friendships

During my first two seasons with Black Dragons I have competed in Kota Kinabalu, won gold medals in state championships and competed in a national championship. This coming season I will be competing in a world championship. Along the way I have formed great friendships, improved my fitness and achieved my fitness goals.

Motivation to be fitter

Started dragon boat racing in my early sixties - this sport and this club have given me motivation to be fitter! Also great friendships.

Represent in State, National and World Dragon Boating events

I have been a member of Black Dragons for the past 5 seasons, in this time Black Dragons have given me the opportunity to represent them in State, National and World Dragon Boating events and Black Dragons have come home with medals each time.

Dragon boating ticks all the boxes

I love dragon boating because it ticks all the boxes: fun  fitness  family  friendship  teamwork  travel  achievement  self improvement  excitement  competition  belonging.

World’s fastest growing water sport

I am fitter than I’ve ever been in my life! I am part of the world’s fastest growing water sport! I have participated in a world championship competition! I play hard and paddle harder! I want more...! Thank you Black Dragons Dragon boat club – you have made this possible for me!