The new Club name is Black Sea Dragons

On 28 July 2019, Black Dragons agreed to merge with Adelaide Sea Dragons.

Training times for the new club are as follows:

  • Wed: 6.15pm
  • Thur: 6.15pm
  • Sat: 7.45am
  • Sun: 8.45am

New Committee for Black Sea Dragons


An interim committee was also formed and consists of the following members:
Louise Gordje – Sea Dragons – President
Chris Payne - Black Dragons - Vice President
Sally Hamilton –Black Dragons - Secretary
Joy – Sea Dragons – Secretary
Emily Jones – Black Dragons – Treasurer
Name – Sea Dragon – Treasurer
Silvana Segat – Black Dragons - Interim committee
Tim White – Black Dragons - Interim committee
Daryl Bockman - Sea Dragons – Interim committee
Sue Bockman – Sea Dragons - Interim committee

Both clubs will retain their current websites until other arrangements can be made.